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Ms.  Suman Sharma

Being a seasoned academician, I truly understand indispensability of imbibing the nuances of contemporary education in the learning curriculum shaped for young students. In the present time, when merely excelling academically has become obsolete and insufficient, we at NRI Public School constantly endeavour to empower our students through a holistic learning environment. Our theoretical and practical pedagogies are not just aimed at teaching students the importance of learning in class. We also strive towards developing their strength of character and integrity of thought, word and action in and beyond classrooms. Our mission is to transform education and our purpose is to make our students independent in the way they think, act and conduct themselves. Here, we inculcate awareness, intentionality and deliberation in students and encourage them to become conscious thinkers. For, ” Great minds have purposes, others have wishes”.
Our teachers also constantly ideate methods for enhancing the learning process and progress of students. They remain committed and motivated towards adopting contemporary teaching methods and technologies in order to endow students with deep-rooted skills which encourage them to become meaningful contributors in their community.
Furthermore, since we aim to nurture our students in a a lively environment, we ensure that they are presented with a range of extra-curricular activities through which they are able to explore and recognize their talents endlessly. The idea is to develop leadership and create a culture of excellence in our students.
At NRI Public School, we truly celebrate and value each student and instil in them the confidence to explore the marvels of life adventurously and follow their true calling courageously.