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“Come to Shine, Go to enlighten”

Comprehensive education for holistic development of individual personality with a humane touch and global outlook. A non judgmental environment which nurtures, motivates and stimulates development of mind. An emphasis on essential life skills including social, research, innovation, communication and self-management skills. We appreciate that each learner’s mind is unique and needs to be nurtured with care. Our curriculum caters to the individual needs of budding scientists, industrialists, players and artists.


At the NRI Public Senior Secondary School students are encouraged to learn and value

  • Self – discipline
  • Tolerance for different religions
  • Multiculturalism
  • Love for the country
  • Preservation of Environment
  • Morality
  • Global Perspective

We believe in:

– Allowing children to make mistakes, encouraging self-learning
– Learning beyond classrooms and text books
– Creative, out of the box thinking

The combination of the above is what will create the thought leaders and problem solvers of tomorrow.